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Videoconferencing Solutions

Group Systems
Videoconferencing systems that can be used by a number of people are called 'Group Systems'. Group Systems are used mainly in boardroom or rollabout environments, where the aim is to allow groups of people to communicate through a single endpoint.
These systems can be configured as either 'roll-about' or 'room-based'. Roll-about systems are normally mounted carts to be transportable, whereas room systems are normally built into a specific conference room.
Desktop VideoConferencing
Desktop videoconferencing systems allow 'single' users to take part in videoconferences from their desks. This allows users the easiest access to videoconferencing technologies at the touch of a button, without the need to book specific meeting rooms.

Video Networking
Videonetworking devices provide services such as multi-point conferencing and connectivity to different network types. These functions are important for getting the most out of your video network, providing the ability for larger meetings and access to 'legacy' videoconferencing systems.
As well as the 'standard' video networking systems, EDAS also offer a range of Video Communications Platforms that can be used to provide the multitude of services available for video networking.
Collaborative Working
Collaborative working is all about using technology to help people do business. This can include video communication and electronically sharing documents. These solutions are geared towards helping people work in an environment where the video quality is usually not as important as the content of the documentation being shared.

Why do you need videoconferencing?
If you are not sure what videoconferencing can do for you and your business, take a look at this short article on the possible benefits of using videoconferencing within your company.
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