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Videoconferencing from EDAS Computers

EDAS Computers are providers of high quality videoconferencing systems for small business and large corporations alike, but why should you care about that?
Contrary to popular belief videoconferencing does not have to cost tens of thousands of pounds or rely on huge bandwidths, but it can offer several key benefits for your business such as:

Vast savings in time, and increase in productivity:
Many businesses require face-to-face meetings to collaborate on projects. Some of these meetings are bound to be in distant locations, anywhere in the world, therefore requiring time to travel to these locations. Videoconferencing removes the need for many of these sojourns, therefore saving time in travel as well as allowing for increased productivity during the dead travel time.

Cost savings:
As well as incurring a time cost for travel, there are of course the physical costs such as fuel, car-rental and hotel charges. Videoconferencing removes the need to travel, and as such these extraneous costs.

Face-to-face collaboration:
One important aspect of Videoconferencing is that it keeps the 'face-to-face' element lost in audio conferencing or indeed telephone conversations. Using the powerful standards based technologies offered by EDAS also open up the potential for collaboration on documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel or virtually any other windows based application.

Up to date, standards based technology:
EDAS ensure that all of our videoconferencing products comply with the ITU-T H.323 or H.320 standards, ensuring that the systems supplied should be interoperable with any other standards based device your company finds in the wild. At the same time we constantly expand our product catalogue to encompass new and emerging products from quality manufacturers to give our customers the highest standards of technology with reliability.

Many potential uses for videoconferencing:
The only real limitation for videoconferencing is the imagination of the implementers, giving scope for a range of applications including training, quality analysis, surveillance, telemedicine, monitoring, diagnostics and many more

Further information:
For information on specific solutions offered by EDAS, please click on one of the links below.

To make finding your required product easier, we have grouped the components into four groups.

Video Networking contains information about systems and units that offer services such as ISDN to IP transcoding, multipoint call functionality etc.

Group Systems are aimed at users who need systems for use by groups of individuals.

Desktop Systems are videoconferencing solutions that are based on individual user workstations.

Collaborative Working systems are based on the idea that sharing work and documents is more important than the video elements.

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