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Videum Duo is a multi-channel professional-quality audio and video capture solution targeted for real-time encoding and high quality archiving.

The Videum Duo is a multi-channel audio and video capture card specifically engineered for video streaming solutions over the internet. It gives Broadcasters and Video Professionals a high-performance and absolutely reliable solution for real-time encoding and archiving

  • Videum Duo replaces two capture cards into one board using only one PCI slot.
  • Captures up to two independent audio and video channels at full video size and full resolution on one PCI card - 25 frames per second from all input sources simultaneously.
  • Real-time capture and preview of analog video streams.
  • Elastic Frame Buffer architecture for absolute reliability and high image quality.
  • Supports standard streaming formats - ideal for Windows Media and Real Networks formats.
  • Guaranteed audio and video synchronization - reliable 24/7 operation.
  • Integrated high performance scalers, audio processor, video processor, AV matrix switch.
  • Supports multiple boards per installation.
  • Supports multi-processor systems.
  • Includes Motion JPEG compression and uncompressed codec (YUV)
  • Ability to remotely pan, tilt and zoom any of the four video inputs.
  • Remotely control image properties from anywhere at anytime using your web-browser.
  • Integrated watchdog function for auto reboot detection and event signaling. Automatic failure log bug tracking.

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