Escort 25PRO
The Escort 25 Pro is an H.323 (IP based) single board PCI, hardware CODEC card offering high performance conferencing over IP LAN and WAN networks.
Cruiser 75 Plus
The Cruiser 75 is a single board combination ISDN (H.320) and IP (H.323) videoconferencing board offering high performance through it's high performance hardware CODEC.
Cruiser 150 Plus
The Cruiser 150 offers the same connectivity as the Cruiser 75, but by providing higher bandwidth capabilities, provides a higher quality conferencing experience.
Cruiser 384 Plus
Offers the same features as the Cruiser 150 but in a fully integrated solution, with no need for additional IMUX capability.


Armada MediaConnect 8000
High quality room based videoconferencing system with pan/tilt/zoom camera and ISDN connectivity. Built around a powerful PC chassis to harness the functionality of collaborative working fully

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