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Viewstation SP
The Viewstation SP is room based conferencing system for those on a budget.
Viewstation 128
The Viewstation 128 is Polycom's entry level room based system, including an upgrade path to more powerful models.

Viewstation 512
The Viewstation 512 is a more powerful version of the Viewstation 128, offering higher quality performance through higher bandwidth rate support.

Viewstation MP
The Viewstation MP includes all the features of the 512, as well as an integral ISDN (H.320) MCU.
Viewstation FX
Top of the range set top solution supporting call rates of up to 2Mbps on both H.320 and H.323 networks, as well as supporting an integral MCU.
The Polycom VS4000 offers all the functionality and power of the set-top Polycom FX, but is rackmountable for use in customised boardroom installations.

The ViaVideo is a USB based, high performance desktop videoconferencing solution.

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