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The meeting’s been called. Your five colleagues from around the world have arrived. Time is short, and straight answers are needed. Armed with the most accurate spreadsheet available, you distribute copies and start the meeting. Digital photos taken that morning provide razor sharp visual answers. The PowerPoint presentation spells out the options. Your point is made. After seeing the proof with their own eyes, decisions are made, actions agreed. Even though your colleagues are still located in five different countries, they depart in full agreement. Time for the next meeting with the latest high-end, multimedia videoconference system from Sony, the Contact 6000.

Contact 6000 is unique. Now, participants from up to six separate locations can meet in a single videoconference at a moment’s notice - without having to plan and reserve an external bridge connection. The innovative high quality 5+1 display allows every participant to be seen. Voice activation enlarges the view of the current speaker for close-up consultation. Meetings take place naturally and face-to-face.

What makes the Sony Contact 6000 really special for the participants is its performance once the meeting starts. When a point has to be made, Contact 6000 lets you share your digital pictures, PowerPoint slides, Word document, or Excel spreadsheet. It’s all very simple. Just select the document and hit the ‘share’ button for it to be instantly visible to the other Contact 6000 or T.120-compliant systems.

Contact 6000 also brings to the meeting a new and powerful visual capability. The ‘Graphics with Annotation’ feature allows a digital image to be instantly frozen and then annotated with written comments or hand-drawn amendments. A press of a button saves the sharp still image for reference or future editing. In addition, a plasma screen or PC monitor can be connected when displaying very high-resolution graphics – the TwinView functionality makes it easy to show both graphical information and live video simultaneously.

You’ll also find the MemoryStick™ slot, is perhaps the easiest way yet to exchange or save images - whether from digital cameras, PCs, PDAs or any other MemoryStick™ enabled device.

Also available for use with the Sony Contact range is the powerful PCS-DS150 document camera, including built in Scan converter for easy integration with PC presentations.

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