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The Videum 4100 is a multi-input audio and video capture card specifically engineered for video surveillance applications and solutions. The Videum 4100 gives OEMs and Systems Integrators a highperformance, scalable, and reliable solution to meet the growing demand for audio and video surveillance solutions to digitize, record, control and playback high quality video at an affordable price.

Winnov’s Videum 4100 is designed to provide high performance and quality, capturing four audio and video signals with up to 768x576 resolution and 25 fps between the four channels. This powerful combination can quickly add value to your applications for manned or unmanned video surveillance.

All Winnov Capture cards are supplied with an SDK which provides routines to embed video captured clips/images to all Microsoft and VB applications with the minimum of Developer effort.


*PLEASE NOTE* The Videum 4100 card is only compatible with Windows 2000 and XP.


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