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Winnov’s powerful XstreamEngine BroadCaster is the most powerful encoding appliance available today. It delivers full screen broadcast quality video and audio streams at up to 5Mbps. Winnov's XstreamEngine BroadCaster integrates the most intuitive user interface to remotely control the appliance from a web browser.

Winnov's XstreamEngine BroadCaster delivers broadcast quality video at a quarter of the bandwidth required by MPEG2 streaming, dramatically reducing your costs in network infrastructure storage, and caching requirements. The stream will play in Microsoft Windows Media and will not require any installation at the viewer's computer.

The XstreamEngine Broadcaster is a 4 RU media encoder that digitizes and encodes streaming media at various sizes for Microsoft Windows Media and Real Networks Technologies. Delivering unmatched audio and video quality, the XstreamEngine BroadCaster features multiple video inputs for streaming multiple channels in parallel or a single channel at multiple bit rates. From up to four audio and video sources, the XstreamEngine BroadCaster enables you to stream up to four media streams simultaneously. Coupled with a dual PentiumIV XEON processors, the XstreamEngine BroadCaster will give you enough horsepower to deliver full screen broadcast quality video and audio streams at up to 5 Mbps.


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