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EVI -D31

EVI-D31 is a pan/ tilt/ zoom video camera with highly sophisticated image processing technology which enables target objects to be recognised, through its auto tracking and motion detection features. The EVI-D31 offers crisp image quality, high speed wide range pan/ tilt, auto-focus and 12x zoom, Remote Commander® Controller and AC Adapter.
  • High Speed, Wide Range Pan/tilter
  • X12 Optical Zoom, High Speed Auto-Focus Lens
  • 6 Position Preset
  • Auto Tracking/Motion Detector
  • RS232C Serial Control
  • IR remote Commander
  • Time, Date Generator


AT (Auto Tracking) Mode

AT is a function which continually extracts a subject that the user pre-defines. After picking up pixels of similar colour and brightness around the selected subject, EVI-D31 extracts the target by using the subject model based on light reflection and non-linear camera processing. There are four modes for pre-defining the subject.


This function follows the moving subject automatically by controlling the pan & tilt motors without the use of special sensors.

Auto Zoom

This function automatically controls the zoom lens to ensure that the size of the subject remains constant on the screen.


The EVI-D31 employs the auto exposure and advanced backlight compensation systems to ensure that the subject remains bright even in harsh backlight conditions. Because the subject position is know a comparison can be made between its brightness and that of the background and the camera subsequently adjusted to compensate for the conditions.

MD (Motion Detector) Mode

MD basically detects the difference between the initial reference image and the current image. The conventional technique employed in MD uses only the brightness of the video signal. The EVI-D31 uses both the brightness and colour which enables even an object of the same brightness as the background to detected.

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