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Improved communications with home workers

EDAS have been working with the Chief Executive of a new high tech company. His critical issue was to find a way to improve communications between his Organisation and his home-based Technicians within the UK.

He said that this was necessary to eliminate some of the considerable travelling costs (both in direct expenses and in time) necessary to visit the office to attend technical briefing meetings. This meant that these highly qualified home-workers were attending the office more than was necessary, thus reducing their productive hours, and motivation.

The CEO said he wanted to economically connect these remote home-workers to the office allowing technical briefings, and meetings between each other to be available to them at any time..

EDAS provided a comprehensive collaborative videoconferencing system based upon VCON Cruiser end-points linking into a multi-point Conferencing Server unit by RADViISION via IP. The home-based units connected to the system over ISDN through a RADVISION ISDN/IP Gateway. This allowed the sharing of technical data, database information, and reference information between all technicians.

As a result, the Company achieved significant reductions in the time technicians had to spend travelling to attend meetings, together with the associated costs. Video meetings were often shorter, and more frequent, technicians achieved an immediate increase in their productivity and motivation.

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