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Effective interactive meetings with colleagues across the world

EDAS have been working with the Chief Executive of a new multinational high tech company His critical issue was that he wanted a way to increase the communication between his Organisation's sites within the UK and the USA. He said that this was necessary to save some of the considerable travelling and accommodation costs of their executives' meetings.

The time lost with the forward planning, booking, travelling and any accommodation stopovers, meant that their executives were suffering from undue stress, less productive hours in which to do their work, and the resultant effects of such de-motivational issues.

The CEO said he wanted to economically connect distant sites, colleagues and clients at relatively short notice and be able to share work at the same time. He also said he would like the facility to record meetings so that others, unable to attend, could review the meeting later as a video recording.

EDAS provided these facilities using Polycom set top videoconferencing units connecting over the company's IP network to an FVC Multi-point videoconferencing server. Retrospective viewing of meetings was provided as a web stream from the FVC software based videoconferencing unit.

This resulted in significant reductions in the cost of attending meetings; saving time, travel fares, and accommodation costs. Colleagues realised an immediate increase in productivity and motivation.

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