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Cost effective, high impact presentations for Yellow Snow

InterMedia Solutions (the publishers of Rich Media Collection) worked with the Client Director of Yellow Snow, media house. His critical issue was that they were seeking a cost effective, flexible and high impact presentation of their capabilities to their customers. These included Hewlett Packard and Deutsche Bank.

As a leading media house they were constantly looking for new ways to deliver their message. The Client Director said he wanted a solution that enabled them to quickly
and easily incorporate movies, 3D animation and graphic content to their web
presentation without the need for complex programming skills.

InterMedia Solutions provided DESiGN-CONTROL (Rich Media Authoring Software) and i-CONTROL (On demand Rich Media Encoding Software), which enabled them to quickly and easily develop a number of samples of their work in a web, based presentational video. These were successfully completed in hours and the clients were very satisfied with the results.

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