Sony Contact 1600P with IP and ISDN

Sony Contact 1600P with ISDN upgrade

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Multipoint Conferencing for up to 4 Users

Sony Contact 1600P 384 MCU Model ISDN H320/H323 Videoconferencing unit with MCU Upgrade to allow up to 3 x 128 ISDN units to connect into the unit to provide fourway Videoconferencing. Complete with 128-384Kbps dual BRI ISDN upgrade module with integrated Mux unit to provide a total of 3 ISDN lines for 384Kbps calls and an IP H323 module to provide IP based calls up to 1024Kbps.

The camera unit is 1/3" CCD and can be controlled using the handheld remote control, for pan and tilt movements and up to 12 X optical zoom, or set to go to up to 9 preset positions.

Provides Video output for up two monitors (S-Video) plus Aux out (RCA Composite) for VCR etc.
2 x additional Video inputs (1 x S-video and 1 RCA Composite) Infrared interface to accept Image input from Sony DS150 Infrared Document Camera/PC Scan Converter.

Both the internal built in gun microphone and the 2 external mic inputs (for Sony A300) have echo cancellation circuitry. Auxillary Audio Line Input (RCA). Line Out Audio (RCA) for sound system. Mixed audio out (RCA) for monitoring/VCR recording.

10/100 LAN interface with built in Web server provides simple and easy management, monitoring and full operation via any network PC running a standard Web Browser.

Includes Sony Memory Stick Writer/Reader and remote control which can also control a Sony Monitor and a Sony Document Camera/ PC Scan Converter.

2 x Infrared Outputs to control auto power up/down of Sony Monitors.

Unit conforms to H320 standard with full 'far-end' Camera control under both ISDN and IP connectivity. Support for T.120 data transfer is included.

The unit is as new and in its original Sony packaging, however the unit has been taken out of the box to fit the ISDN upgrade and to update the software to the latest release.

3 year swap out warrenty available for an additional £450.00.

The current RRP is in the region of £6,995

Sale Price: SORRY SOLD

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