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The products we have selected, are proven in the market place for their robustness, integrity and speed. The products have been tested in a number of differing connotations in our own Connectivity Lab. We have either a premier reseller status in the UK, distributor or Sole UK-Distributor for the products we work with and provide to the UK market place.
Rich Media Publishing- Solutions to help create and deliver highly charged, in-depth multimedia and Rich-Media presentations and productions.
Video Conferencing - A range of videoconferencing client devices and service provision systems, from a large range of quality manufacturers.
Terminal Emulation - EDAS have offered high quality connectivity solutions since 1985. Solutions for all of your HP, UNIX/VMS and IBM connectivity requirements can be found here.
EDAS Information - Click here for more information about EDAS Computers Ltd. Directions to us and our Terms and Conditions are also found here

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